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Your Journey Starts Here

Oct 14, 2019

Did you know...Globally, more than 70% of people with mental illness receive no treatment at all! (American Journal of Public Health)

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Week last week I wanted to retell my story on why it's important to seek help regardless of what others may say. 

Seeking help isn't a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength that you are willing to put your mental health first! 

Seeking help is also is the first step to getting well and staying that way, I tell how seeking help saved my life and help me on a road to a wonderful recovery.

You are stronger than you know and seeking help will only confirm that!!!

Tune in now...

Happy Listening, and I Wish You Good Mental Health

Olivia B. Shepherd

Podcast Host

Life Empowerment Mentor/Transformation Coach

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