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Your Journey Starts Here

Apr 6, 2019

Back again with another interview show with the lovely Free Spirit herself, Ms. Tammy Nicole Myers!

Tammy Nicole Myers, is a Spoken Artist / Poet and Freelance Poet for hire. Her entrepreneurial brand is called "Free Spirit's Journey", it's like a ministry executed in a form of poetic Divinity. Tammy is also a newly certified Purpose Coach.

She is dedicated to bringing the arts to her community, which is intended to heal and unite the masses. As a Volunteer Ambassador and Artist of Poetry, she gives back to her community by sharing her time and wisdom to save broken souls with contrite spirits.

In this interview, we will cover how long she has been dedicated to the arts, what motivates her, and why she is passionate about this line of work that God has bestowed upon her.

Tammy also has her 1st Annual Free Spirit's Journey presents....Living in the Moment event. Mother's Day weekend here in Columbia, SC

This event is all about celebrating each other and bringing people together in a peaceful, happy and non-judgment free zone. 

Tune in for a very good show as Girl, Your Journey Starts Here Podcast presents Tammy Nicole Myers (Free Spirit)

For more information on The 1st Annual Free Spirit's Event please follow her at:

Facebook: Tammy Nicole Myers

Instagram: @freespirit_46

YouTube: Tammy Nicole Myers

Twitter: @1freespirit46


Happy Listening,

Olivia B. Shepherd

Life Empowerment Mentor

Podcast Host